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Organisation Description

Every leader has a set of problems he or she wants their people to tackle. This is the “elephant in the room” that seldom gets acknowledged often because the leader doesn’t know how to go about it. We specialise in helping leaders solve this riddle using this tool kit. And we are currently helping leaders in 52 countries in more than 20 languages.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Understanding the use of business profiling tools

    Webinar | Riddlebox

    Traditional business profiling fails to accommodate ‘emotion’ and outside influences on their results; causing contradiction and confusion. The process of performance assessment and team dynamics is improved by businesses that use “best in class” products like Business Persona to incorporate this missing element.

  • Emotional Journey Mapping

    Workshop | Riddlebox

    The Journey Mapping exercise is a workshop which can be run for a half or full day to help managers or leaders identify the touch points of a customer or employees’ journey; understand the emotions at every touch point and use that insight to create an action plan.

  • Creating High Performance

    Training Course | Riddlebox

    This course reveals what underpins human performance from a physiological and emotional perspective. It explains how our physiology and emotional state directly impacts on how clearly we think and our ability to perform clearly under stress.

  • Purpose Statement Workshop

    Workshop | Riddlebox

    Research tells us that the best performing organisations have a clear and well communicated purpose. This workshop guides you to create a purpose statement for your organisation.

  • Strategy Board Game

    Workshop | Riddlebox

    The Board Game is a workshop which can be run for half or a full day to help leaders crystallise the strategy and use that insight to drive action and apportion responsibility.