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Rinnai strives to deliver quality to meet future requirements and is committed to making even more sophisticated appliances. In order to supply innovative heating appliances that make our lives comfortable Rinnai must develop and provide appropriate products while paying close attention to modern demands and problems.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Energy Efficient On-Demand Water Heating

    Seminar | Rinnai UK

    Seminar raises awareness and understanding of on-demand, continuous flow water heating techniques and applications for residential and non-residential buildings. Explains the working principles of on-demand hot water heaters in respect of single units, linked modules, modular units with buffer storage and solar thermal water temperature booster.

  • Continuous Flow Water Heater Appreciation

    Training Course | Rinnai UK

    This training course is designed to give engineers, specifiers & installers an understanding of continuous flow technology. Covers the principles of continuous flow over standard dhw systems, heater functionality, installation and system design.

  • Understanding Of L8 With Continuous Flow DHW Systems

    Training Course | Rinnai UK

    What l8 covers, legionella what it is, its prevention and how a continuous flow system helps with this

  • Continuous Flow Water Heating System Sizing And Design

    Training Course | Rinnai UK

    This training course is designed to give a good understanding of the parameters for sizing a continuous flow domestic hot water system as well as fundamental system design

  • Life Cycle Costs of Continuous Flow Domestic Hot Water System

    Seminar | Rinnai UK

    Attendees of this course will gain a better understanding of the long term cost benefit of a Continuous Flow System. They will learn about the Life cycle cost comparison between the main sources of heating domestic hot water.

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