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20 years of investigating and providing Counter Fraud solutions to the Insurance, Financial, Commercial and Public sectors make Robertson and Co the top choice when choosing a supplier for Training and Accredited Industry Qualifications.

All of our courses have been developed to provide high-quality business solutions for day to day situations. We are able to provide courses at our Clients offices or at one of our scheduled hosted courses around the UK by an Accredited Counter Fraud Trainer.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Cyber Crime & Synthetic Identity Fraud

    Seminar | Robertson & Co

    Robertson & Co

    This training focuses on cyber fraud intelligence to provide: Up to date information on how organised cyber criminals organise themselves; recruit new members and commit fraud; How insurance and other fraud teams can evolve to identify and recognise the risk from cyber-crime and to incorporate those risks into their overall fraud strategy; The value of a culture where technology and education empowers an organisation to reduce fraud by combining available technology; resources and best practice.

  • Internal Fraud Risks; Awareness and Mitigation

    Seminar | Robertson & Co

    Robertson & Co

    This seminar on Internal Fraud risks and awareness focuses on: The definition of fraud and learning to spot the characteristics of a fraudster; The evolution of fraud; how to prevent and correctly investigate internal fraud; How to spot red flag and prevent fraud in businesses; Whistle blowing and how to correctly vet and train new staff.

  • OSINT Training (Open Source Intelligence)

    Training Course | Robertson & Co

    Robertson & Co

    The Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) course will provide trainees with the necessary skills to exploit online open sources efficiently and effectively. The course is light on theory; with a focus on the techniques required to access ‘hidden’ content and produce actionable intelligence. The course will range from basic search operators and search engine techniques; to social media exploitation; the dark web and the creation of covert accounts. Trainees will be develop an understanding of how to continue to develop their skills and use OSINT to overcome the growing barriers in the digital landscape.

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