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Organisation Description

Experience Driven:
We call upon lived experience, the challenges faced by Finn in the workplace, the social pressures of being queer and a focus on intersectionality to provide a service that no one else in the field can.

Unique Approach:
Our services are not only evidence based, but context based too. To challenge bias, we need to understand where that bias comes from. To do this, we cover history, politics, legislation and its gaps and community-based wisdom to provide a meaningful insight that generic Equality, Diversity and Inclusion training can never achieve.

Driving Social Change:
It is our fundamental belief that socially conscious businesses will benefit in the long run as their competitors falter. Rose Diversity Training seeks to help your business keep up with the times and be at the forefront of changing social norms for the better.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • LGBTQA+ Workplace Inclusion Training

    Training Course | Rose Diversity Training

    Rose Diversity Training

    Our LGBTQA+ diversity training course has been designed to provide a comprehensive and relevant education on the importance and challenges of LGBTQA+ diversity in the workplace; and the ways in which businesses can support their LGBTQA+ employees and colleagues.

Rose Diversity Training
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