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Organisation Description

Koninklijke Visio is the expertise center for visually impaired and blind people. With more than 3000 employees, Visio offers rehabilitation, advice, care, living, day care and education to people with a visual impairment throughout the Netherlands. Care varies from rehabilitation, ambulant support, part-time stay and full stay. Education varies from ambulatory educational support and special education (SO, VSO, ZMLK).

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • E- learning Visual Functioning level A – BASIC

    Online Course | Royal Dutch Visio

    Royal Dutch Visio

    The basic knowledge about visual functioning will be provided: Basic anatomy of the eye. Sighted partially sighted or blind. Eye Disorders. Adjustments and support of visually impaired people. Psychosocial consequences and coaching of visually impaired people.

  • E- learning ‘Anatomy of the visual system’

    Online Course | Royal Dutch Visio

    Royal Dutch Visio

    This module will give you a general knowledge of the anatomy of the visual system. You will also be able to explore in detail the external and internal structures of the eye and the brain. You will learn how these structures together are responsible for what is called ‘visual perception’.

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