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Organisation Description

11 years experience teaching in the UK and Internationally. Available for consultancy and training in schools across the world.

Registered with the British Psychological Society as a certified test user able to assess for exam access arrangements.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Understanding Autism by Ruby Education

    Training Course | Ruby Education

    Ruby Education

    This workshop is aimed at teachers to help them gain a better understanding of students in their class who have a diagnosis of Autism. Teachers will discover the reasons for some of the negative behaviours that they see in the classroom and strategies they could use to avoid them. It includes hints and tips from books written by students with Autism; giving a real insight into the thinking behind some of the behaviour in the classroom. Understanding Autism is available to schools as bespoke training on an on demand basis. Parents of children with Autism may also benefit from the course.

  • Supporting Students with SEN in Schools – getting it right!

    Training Course | Ruby Education

    Ruby Education

    This workshop is aimed at schools who either want to overhaul their SEN department and referral process or refresh their teachers’ knowledge and understanding of SEN and their responsibilities to ensure a whole school approach. The course covers the expectations of the SEN Code of Practice and how teachers can adapt their teaching for the 4 broad areas of need. Teachers will also be encouraged to think about what an effective plan would look like. They will practice setting targets and learn how to ensure that they are SMART. Follow up support is available to compliment the course through consultation.

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