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Organisation Description

At Russell Investments we stand with you whether you are an institutional investor a financial adviser or an individual guided by an adviser’s personalised advice.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Business Planning

    Seminar | Russell Investments

    This module is designed to help advisers be more concrete on their business plans and to change the way they run their businesses.

  • Company Vision & Purpose

    Seminar | Russell Investments

    This module is designed to make delegates think deeply about what they want their business to be and what principles guide them.

  • Strategic Persuasion

    Seminar | Russell Investments

    An in-depth look at the science and art of persuasion and how best to employ these practices in your day to day business.

  • Demonstrating Value

    Seminar | Russell Investments

    This module outlines effective ways in which to communicate with your clients so that they can better understand the value of the service you provide.

  • Building a Marketing Plan

    Seminar | Russell Investments

    This is a module designed to help advisers get clarity on the best ways to market their services to existing and potential customers

  • Target markets & client referrals

    Seminar | Russell Investments

    This module is designed to get advisers to look deeply at their business and discover where they are getting their best clients; look at methods of acquiring more of those type of clients and delivering a high quality service that makes their clients want to refer friends and family to their adviser.

  • Focused client reviews

    Seminar | Russell Investments

    This seminar will help advisers look at the processes that they currently have in place for holding review meetings with clients and optimise it into a scalable model that delivers maximum value to clients whilst also being efficient.

  • Review your service proposition

    Seminar | Russell Investments

    This seminar is a Russell Academy module designed to help adviser review the service that they currently offer their clients and fine tune it to deliver greater value that their clients appreciate more.