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RVT Group (formerly Rentavent) is dedicated to protecting people’s health on site with temporary-environment control. We understand the pressure on site to get the work done and yet protect everyone with effective control of dust, fumes, noise, and air quality.
We provide specialist equipment, via hire or contract-sale, to control on-site health hazards and maintain a productive work environment. We offer a free site survey to every project (you can request one below) to ensure that control is targeted and effective.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Effective Dust Control

    Seminar | RVT Group

    RVT Group

    A brief introduction to effective dust control on construction sites; including an explanation of the hazard control principles; Capture; Contain and Control. HSE Statistics are used to educate delegates about the risks on site; and case studies are used to illustrate best practice for dust control.

  • Educational Article – HSE Crackdown on Welding Fumes

    Literature | RVT Group

    RVT Group

    It has long been known that the process of welding and the inhalation of welding fume can lead to a range of adverse health effects. However; alarming new medical findings prove that exposure to welding fume is in fact far more dangerous than previously thought; and research now shows that exposure can cause lung cancer; and possibly kidney cancer.

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