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Organisation Description

S A Partners helps organisations to create better easier and sustainable journeys towards business excellence. We have over two decades of experience in delivering performance improvement through our consultancy and training services.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Shingo Discover Excellence Workshop

    Training Course | S A Partners LLP

    The shingo prize is the world standard for sustainable enterprise excellence. This two-day programme invites you on a journey of discovery. This journey is founded on the shingo model that introduces the relationship between principle-based behaviour and its? consequence on organisational performance.

  • Lean Practitioner

    Training Course | S A Partners LLP

    The aim of this programme is to equip those involved in improvement interventions with the knowledge and skills to participate fully and effectively.

  • Lean Awareness Course

    Training Course | S A Partners LLP

    This course consists of a simulation of lean principles and practices through a 'stickle-brick' game. The idea is that the game demonstrates many of the key principles of that underpin lean principles (understanding customer requirements; teamwork; improvement from those who add value i.e. process operators; focused achievable improvement plans; the benefits of swift and even flow; the impact of variation) as well as common lean practices (visual management; workplace organisation; flow and pull practices; co-location; line balancing; supplier collaboration).

  • Enterprise and Excellence Masterclass

    Training Course | S A Partners LLP

    The Masterclass has 4 modules of two days each covering: The Shingo model; gemba visits; guiding principles; ideal behaviours; the strategy deployment; the learning and development system; the improvement system and leader standard work
  • Coaching and Skilful Dialogue Course

    Training Course | S A Partners LLP

    A course designed to make manager and leaders mindful of the power of dialogue and coaching as enablers for a culture of excellence.

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