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Organisation Description

Salford Professional Development helps delegates to achieve their career goals through lifelong learning and development programmes that draw upon over 100 years of educational excellence.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is fundamental to career progression, helping people to learn new skills, keep up with the changing demands of the workplace and gain valuable qualifications in the process.

With this in mind, Salford Professional Development has been established with the aim of consolidating the University’s expertise in this area, providing a wide selection of courses that have been designed specifically to further the careers of those who study with us.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Suicide Prevention Training

    Training Course | Salford Professional Development

    Suicide has a devastating impact on those left behind; family; friends and colleagues are left bereft and often never know what triggered the completed Suicide. Our one day training course will give participants the opportunity to explore the statistics; trends and research around suicide. And help them to understand how they could potentially save the life of one of the thousands of people that complete a suicide each year in England and Wales.

  • Managing Medical Errors - An Overview of the Law Relating to Negligence and Consent to Treatment

    Training Course | Salford Professional Development

    The NHS aims to prevent clinical negligence; but where it does occur; we should learn lessons to improve patient care as a result. We need to provide incentives for healthcare professionals to report mistakes and near-misses. This course aims to clarify what constitutes medical negligence and explain its impact on both patients and the NHS and why candour is so important. This one day course aims to clarify all of these points; using case law and real life scenarios; to examine how the law operates within these medical minefields.

  • Preparing for GDPR Course

    Training Course | Salford Professional Development

    Preparing for GDPR has been designed to be a step by step training course for people who will be responsible for delivering data protection readiness. Delegates will come away able to confidently identify data types within their organisations; understand the requirements for each of the data types; and support their organisations in implementing the new legislation.

  • Healthcare Cybersecurity Conference: Protecting the NHS against cyberattacks

    Event | Salford Professional Development

    Join us for the Healthcare Cybersecurity Conference where expert speakers from across the NHS and technology sectors will explain how to protect vital services and sensitive data. Understand the impact of previous cyberattacks and how they could have been prevented; be the first to see the latest security technology and ensure your organisation is protected from the threat posed by cybercriminals.

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