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Organisation Description

Sectra conduct development and sales of cutting edge solutions in medical systems and secure communication systems.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • IDS7 Training– Advanced Visual

    Workshop | Sectra Ltd

    This one day course provides an in-depth look at one specialist subject. The one day per module could include the following subjects: Breast MRI; Prostate MRI; Female Pelvis MRI; CT Colon; CT Liver Planning

  • IDS7 Training– Hanging Protocol

    Workshop | Sectra Ltd

    If your role includes building and maintaining display protocols this is the course for you. This class offers an introduction to how to plan; prepare and build display protocols in IDS7. You will also learn how to use efficient strategies for maintaining and troubleshooting display protocols as your system evolves. The course will give you both the theoretical knowledge as well as hands on practice. Customers are invited to bring their own anonymised data to work on and import the hangings back into their own system on completion.

  • IDS7 Training– System Admin

    Workshop | Sectra Ltd

    This is a four day workshop covering all admin functionality with the flexibility of being customer lead so that key areas can be covered in detail.

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