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Organisation Description

Senseco Systems is an industry-leading independent Fire and Security Solutions company offering a dynamic approach to our industry, one that ensures an unrivalled level of expertise, technical competence and above all, the often forgotten ethos of customer service. With Senseco you can save costs by combining your fire and security maintenance or installation whilst reducing the impact on the environment at the same time.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • BS5839 - Part 1 - Fire Detection & Alarm Systems for Buildings

    Seminar | Senseco Systems

    This presentation gives an overview of the British Standard BS5839 Fire Detection & Alarm Systems for Buildings Part 1 Code of Practice for system design and installation and servicing. It describes the different categories of fire detection and alarm systems; the design and application of their component parts – and their differences; the requirements of installation and commissioning and handover; and the maintenance and user-requirements after installation. It also covers the use of competent companies and different accreditation schemes.

  • BS5839-1:2017 Update – What has Changed (Fire Detection & Alarm Systems for Buildings – design; installation; commissioning and maintenance)

    Seminar | Senseco Systems

    This presentation gives an overview of the 2017 update & changes to British Standard BS5839 Fire Detection & Alarm Systems for Buildings; Part 1 Code of practice for design; installation; commissioning and maintenance of systems in non-domestic premises. It assumes a knowledge of the previous BS5839-1 standards & concentrates on what has changed in the 2017 revision.

  • Which is the best suppression method: Sprinklers; Water Mist or Gas Suppression

    Seminar | Senseco Systems

    This presentation gives a brief overview of sprinkler systems; various types of gas extinguishing systems and water mist systems. As sprinklers and gas extinguishing systems are widely known; more time in spent on water mist and explaining its different uses and applications. There is a specific section on data centre protection. The presentation compares the different technologies and the pros and cons of each system and their applications.

  • Preventing Hard Disk Drive (HDD) Damage from a Gas Extinguishing Discharge - Protecting Your Data Centre

    Seminar | Senseco Systems

    This presentation describes how certain sound pressures and frequencies can cause vibration and damage to Hard Disk Drives (HDD). The sound pressure and frequency from a gas extinguishing discharge falls within this range that is known to cause damage to HDD’s. Research has been carried out into this phenomenon and manufacturers have come up with different solutions to the problem. The various studies and different solutions are presented along with other measures that can be taken to mitigate noise damage in a datacentre. Methods of calculating predicted noise levels and practical solutions for new and existing installations are discussed.