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Organisation Description

SIRPA’s approach focuses on actual recovery, rather than treating or managing the pain. It involves an educational, evidence-based and self-empowering approach to help individuals identify and acknowledge the underlying causes of their pain while also developing nerve pathways that allow a pain free, healthy life. Because the nerve pathways involved in chronic pain are reversible, full recovery is possible, irrespective of the pain’s severity or duration. Our treatment approach focuses on four main areas: Education, Emotions, Behaviour and Lifestyle. All of these play a significant role in not just enabling individuals to resolve chronic pain and other persistent conditions, but in becoming more stress resilient, emotionally intelligent and able to live a healthy, active life moving forwards.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Level 1 – SIRPA Introductory Course

    Online Course | SIRPA UK

    This Introduction to SIRPA’s chronic pain recovery approach demonstrates; using the evidence-base; how and why recovery from chronic pain and other persistent health problems is possible. It covers the underlying causes and manifestations and briefly explains the educational and self-empowering approach which has been helping thousands of chronic pain sufferers recover; rather than just manage ;their pain.
  • Level 2 – SIRPA Practitioner Course

    Online Course | SIRPA UK


    Following SIRPA’s Introductory course; in Level 2 SIRPA Founder; Georgie Oldfield MCSP; supports learners through this exciting and pioneering course. Via various mediums the learner is taken through an in-depth understanding of the neurophysiology related to chronic pain and stress; as well as experientially learning how to safely undertake client assessments and support clients as they progress through their recovery journey.

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