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Organisation Description

Our vision is to be the preferred network for professionals who are shaping and delivering public services.
Our members benefit from being part of a growing community where collaboration is key. We bring people together to share experiences and best practice while learning from each other to the benefit of the public sector as a whole. Established for over 30 years, we continue to challenge convention, inspire change and power progress.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Empowering Women

    Training Course | Socitm Ltd

    Socitm Ltd

    This programme is anchored in giving you the confidence to be who you are; embracing the diversity you can bring to the leadership team and helping you deliver this skilfully. Encouraging you to face challenges that hold you back; you can use the tools; techniques; insights and confidence you gain from this programme to go back into the workplace with enhanced self-confidence and determination. With deliberate honing of your leadership approach and tactics to influence others and make a change.

  • Senior Leaders

    Training Course | Socitm Ltd

    Socitm Ltd

    This one-day workshop focuses on the challenges facing ICT senior leaders today. You know the organisation needs to work differently to achieve business-outcomes through emerging technology. However; many organisations expect ICT to deliver in the same old way; managing and driving change programmes in a silo. Critical to your success in this rapidly evolving world; is your ability to change perception and influence peers across the business to foster a collaborative approach to leading IT-centric business change. This workshop gives you practical tools and techniques to help drive the cultural change you need to enable the best business focused outcomes

  • Top Talent

    Training Course | Socitm Ltd

    Socitm Ltd

    Top Talent will help you accelerate your career progress by harnessing and honing your leadership skills. Technology is changing the way we deliver public services. In these times of disruption; our sector needs leaders with vision; talent and insight. True leadership is about people; not processes. Effective leaders think critically; take risks; inspire others and innovate in order to affect change. This programme is for people who have the talent and accountability to become outstanding leaders. Those who drive change through collaboration and passion. Top Talent encourages you to focus on your unique qualities; develop confidence in your own abilities and to create impact through action: empowering those around you to the betterment of all.

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