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Organisation Description

Our intention was to create study software for those who struggle with writing, what we created was a fantastically versatile tool that enables everyone to learn. We are a friendly team of people who genuinely care about what we do. Comprised of technical virtuosos, industry experts, academics, artists, uber-geeks and friends, we are a diverse group who work hard to change the way people think about how we access and utilise information as speech and text for learning and productivity.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Sonocent Study Skills Certified Course

    Online Course | Sonocent


    The study skills course is designed to give those who use Sononcent Audio Notetaker software in a professional capacity a greater understanding of how it can help students across a broad range of study skills. The course is designed to guide Study Skills Tutors through the functions of Sononcent Audio Notetaker by taking them through the study skills strategies step by step. The strategies are supplemented by looking at user profiles and the theory upon which the principles of Sononcent Audio Notetaker is based. The course is designed to be accessible and to enable users to complete the course in their own time.

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