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Organisation Description

Sphere is a private consulting firm, established in 2013 by Kim Bradford, with the specific aim of supporting micro and small business owners.

This has grown to also supporting clients with their GDPR preparations, providing training and awareness sessions, designing e-learning modules (coming soon), and attending seminars and events as a keynote speaker.

Kim’s experience spans over two decades as a professional consultant and interim to a broad range of industries and businesses of all sizes in the UK, Europe, and Asia Pacific. She now runs two separate consultancy firms, Sphere Data Protection and Sphere HR.

Focusing on SMEs, and employing a hand-picked selection of partners and associates who provide expert complementary services in cyber security, IT installations, network and systems pen-testing, and legal advisory services, Sphere Data Protection has all the skills and knowledge needed to support the needs of small businesses.

Training and awareness courses are far more than ordinary overview sessions; each workshop is a practical learning event packed with guidance and tips designed to equip you with an understanding of data protection, what compliance means, and how to apply these in a business context.

Delegates gain knowledge of the law, why it matters, how to begin, what actions to focus on, and are supplied with exercise worksheets, Q&A with an expert and starter templates from Sphere’s range of Document Toolkits to use in their business straight away.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

Sphere Data Protection has no courses currently listed