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Organisation Description

We are committed to deliver experimental learning and we strive to fully understand the culture, strategy and leadership challenges within the organisation. Our course content is designed to ensure that training delegates are challenged to reflect upon the choices, attitudes and behaviours that not only motivate them but also prevent them from getting optimal results.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • ‘Mirror Mirror’ Customer Service

    Workshop | Spider on the Wall Limited

    Spider on the Wall Limited

    This workshop aims to deliver a combination of skills; knowledge and processes to ensure consistently high customer service levels are achieved throughout the organisation. Relevant topics include: The Importance of consistently excellent Customer Service; Professional First Impressions/Perceptions of Others; Preparing for customer interaction; Professional Body Language; Active listening skills – Fully understanding the customer’s requirement; Rapport Building skills for GREAT Customer relationships; Managing Customer Relationships on an ongoing basis; Telephone etiquette and Email content and structure; Questioning Skills for GREAT conversations; The personal touches. Going the Extra Mile – The WOW factor; Displaying empathy and understanding; Service Recovery Process – Dealing with Dissatisfied Customers.

  • Time & Stress Management Training Course

    Workshop | Spider on the Wall Limited

    Spider on the Wall Limited
    Understand how to stop wasting time and get more done. Identified what resources are within your reach. Look after your Wellness Challenge your current thinking on how we prioritise our workloads; use our resources; helping to create more efficient solutions. Identified the strengths and skills around you and how they can be utilised best. Discovered ways to prevent time holding plans and solutions back. Build a strategy to continue delivering an element of work; or project; to do so using fewer resources and in less time.
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