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Organisation Description

Stanton Bonna is widely recognised as a leading UK manufacturer of precast concrete pipes, manholes and culverts for drainage, as part of a comprehensive range of precast offsite solutions for the construction industry. Working together with a network of specialist heavyside merchants or direct with design engineers and contractors, our professional, helpful and friendly staff meet the daily challenges of supplying the right product, to the right standard and to the right location reliably and promptly.

Whether supplying a small local project or a fast moving multi-million pound project with complex delivery arrangements or challenging design and manufacturing demands, Stanton Bonna have the experience to meet your needs.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Offsite Construction

    Seminar | Stanton Bonna Concrete

    Stanton Bonna Concrete

    With onsite skills shortages and health and safety issues becoming more challenging; the advantages of offsite production are becoming more attractive to the construction industry. This seminar gives an overview of what is involved in offsite construction from design collaboration; manufacturing processes; quality management to a case study highlighting practical benefits.

  • RCCP – Reinforced Concrete Cylinder Pipe Presentation

    Seminar | Stanton Bonna Concrete

    Stanton Bonna Concrete

    Reinforced Concrete Cylinder Pipe combines the benefits of concrete and steel pipe to produce a pressure pipe used throughout Europe. Often used by water companies for drinking water and sewerage; as well as by energy companies for cooling water applications this innovative product is specifically designed to suit each project often providing a versatile solution to potential problems on site. This presentation provides examples of its use on numerous projects including for outfalls; drinking water; span pipes; cooling water as well as highlighting numerous special connections and fittings.

  • Floodwater Management Processes in Construction

    Event | Stanton Bonna Concrete

    Stanton Bonna Concrete

    With the increase in Government and industry guidelines outlining the need for Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems in the construction industry there is an information overload. This seminar explains the different types of flooding the different systems that can be used to mitigate including both vegetative and proprietary and the processes used to install a flood alleviation system. A case study will also be available showing how proprietary systems working together with the surrounding environment to manage stormwater.