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Based in Bois-de-Villers, in the Namur province (Belgium), Stûv designs, produces and markets individual wood, gas and pellet heating solutions. Our stoves, fires, inserts and fireplaces are designed with incredible care, offering customer satisfaction in terms of energy performance, enjoyment and durability.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Air Quality and Wood Burning Stoves UK

    Training Course | Stuv SA Belgium

    Stuv SA Belgium

    Many new regulations are coming into place to improve air quality in the UK. Wood burning stoves fall into an area where there will be a lot of change. We will show what will be possible and what regulations will need to be followed to specify wood stoves in homes. We will discuss the benefits of modern wood stoves; and how the energy from a wood stove can be directed around the home more effectively. We will also discuss the benefits of good wood fuel.

Stuv SA Belgium
Rue Jules Boboise
Bois De Villiers

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