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Synapsys Solutions has been developing ways to improve monitoring, control and connectivity in the intelligent building control industry since 2001. Our innovative interfacing, integration and communication solutions help reduce time pressure on facilities personnel, improve building performance, and meet carbon reduction (CRC) targets. Whether you want to monitor energy use; use one control system to link your HVAC, industrial, lighting control and energy applications; improve communications between building control systems; or enhance your BMS interfaces, Synapsys has the expertise to help.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Synapsys Solutions Guide to Tenant Billing

    Webinar | Synapsys Solutions

    The aim of the presentation is to help you understand the issue of tenant billing. It will explain what the introduction of the Heat Network (Metering & Billing) Regulations 2014 means for landlords and building owners and why an automated billing process will help to ensure compliance with the regulations. It will also explain how an automated system will help to correctly apportion energy usage as a means to achieve zero residual energy in a building.

  • Guide to Data Acquisition

    Seminar | Synapsys Solutions

    The aim of this presentation is to help you understand the issue of data acquisition. It will explain why we cannot simply rely on a Building Management System (BMS) to operate a commercial building efficiently and that in order to achieve energy efficiency on a large scale we need to not only acquire data but also process and interpret it in order to facilitate behavioural change.

  • Guide to the role of an Energy Management System

    Seminar | Synapsys Solutions

    The aim of this presentation is to outline the role of an Energy Management System; or EMS in its abbreviated form. It will help you to understand how the EMS uses data collected through metering and monitoring and by processing that information it can produce an energy management strategy which enables you to achieve long term energy efficiency.

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