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Organisation Description

Tata Steel is one of Europe’s leading steel producers, with steelmaking in the UK and Netherlands, and manufacturing plants across Europe. The company supplies high-quality steel products to the most demanding markets, including construction, automotive, packaging, lifting & excavating, energy and aerospace. Tata Steel works with customers to develop new steel products that give them a competitive edge. The combined Tata Steel group is one of the world’s largest steel producers, with a steel capacity of more than 28 million tonnes and 75,000 employees across five continents.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Building Integrated Renewable Technologies For Non-Domestic Buildings

    Seminar | Tata Steel

    Seminar covers legislation and the drive towards zero carbon buildings, compares renewable technologies and the options for integration into the building envelope. Covers aspects of transpired solar collectors performance parameters, system variants, control, calculations and software, payback periods. Includes information on different types of photovoltaics systems, the factors that affect performance, installation, maintenance, warranties of pv and substrate and the payback period. Includes case studies.

  • Part L 2013: The Role Of The Building Envelope In Compliance For Non-Domestic Buildings

    Seminar | Tata Steel

    An explanation of the changes to part l of the building regulations, implementation in April 2014, including methodology and options for compliance, by exploring the impact of varying building fabric performance. Essentially, the most cost effective routes to compliance are explained, using case studies, including the impact of renewable technologies.

  • Pre- Finished Steel For Standing Seam Roofs And How It Contributes To The Code For Sustainable Homes

    Seminar | Tata Steel

    Seminar provides specifiers, building owners and clients with a comprehensive understanding of the benefits for using pre-finished steel for sustainability and standing seam roofs and explains how its specification can contribute to achieving a good overall rating.

  • Refurbishment Solutions For Metal Roofing And Cladding

    Seminar | Tata Steel

    Seminar aims to provide a greater understanding of how the regulations and systems can affect a refurbishment project and how the choice of system can influence the functionality and aesthetics of the final scheme. It also deals with the thought process and design considerations.

  • Steel Building Envelope Systems For Non-Domestic Buildings

    Seminar | Tata Steel

    Seminar provides an overview of different steel roofing and cladding systems and their technical performance. Explores internal and external environments and how these affect durability, also explores weather-tightness, installation, conservation of fuel and power, fire performance, insurance requirements and acoustic performance. Covers sustainability through the integration of renewable technologies. Includes case studies.

  • Steel for Roof and Wall Cladding

    Seminar | Tata Steel

    Seminar provides an insight into the manufacturing process and the properties of steel substrate with reference to gauge, galvanising and paint system properties and performance. Covers the structural performance, aesthetics, durability, testing, fire performance, acoustics and sustainability properties. Includes information on guarantees and includes case studies.

  • Structural Roof Deck

    Seminar | Tata Steel

    1 hour seminar explains the basic concept of structural roof decking, and includes information on typical profiles available, typical performance, limitations when cutting holes, acoustic performance, environmental benefits, new Eurocode regulations, ce marking, structural calculation software, diaphragm design and material testing. Includes case studies.

  • Sustainable Low Carbon Non Domestic Buildings

    Seminar | Tata Steel

    Seminar covers the general approach to low carbon buildings and the basic principles with reference to legislation and the drive towards zero carbon. Explores construction materials, embodied energy and legislation compliance. Covers deconstruction, recycling, end of life, and in use phase and operational energy. Covers the impact of the building envelope, incorporating renewable energy and breeam.

  • Sustainable Refurbishment Solutions For Non-Domestic Buildings

    Seminar | Tata Steel

    Seminar covers all aspects of refurbishment and the key requirements of part l2b. Discusses the reasons for refurbishment, the available solutions and the management of hazards and risks that may be encountered. Explores sustainability through improving energy performance and reducing co2 emissions. Covers payback periods and the integration of renewable technologies. Includes case studies.

  • The Importance of Air Tightness in Non-Domestic Buildings for Part L Compliance

    Seminar | Tata Steel

    Seminar covers the drivers for change in airtightness levels and the requirements of part l2 2010, the proposed changes and the impact of air-tightness performance. Provides an assessment of steel building envelope systems, ways to achieve air-tightness and the impact of correct detailing. Includes site practice, installation and case studies.

  • Factory Tour - Composite Panel Line at Shotton Works

    Training Course | Tata Steel

    The main objective of the tour is for the visitor to gain technical knowledge and understanding of the manufacturing process of the Tata Steel Trisomet 333 system, which is manufactured on the most advanced panel line in Europe at the Shotton steel works.

  • Composite Floor Decking

    Seminar | Tata Steel

    Seminar explains the concept of composite metal flooring and outlines the physical attributes of the product. Topics covered include acoustic performance, environmental benefits, thermal mass capability, structural calculation software, fibre reinforced concrete, shear stud placement, material testing and the latest technology developments. Includes case studies and information on the latest Eurocode regulations and ce marking.

  • CDM Regulations 2015 and Their Impact on Steel Building Envelope Specification

    Seminar | Tata Steel

    Seminar covers the background of CDM Regulations history and principles as well as highlighting the key changes implemented in 2015. Provides information on roles and responsibilities with a focus on the principal designer; principal contactor and client roles. Also covers the implications for building envelope specification and information on the different phases of a buildings lifetime. Includes specifications and case studies.

  • Roof Mounted Photovoltaic Systems for Non-Domestic Buildings

    Seminar | Tata Steel

    Seminar provides a holistic overview on PV systems including the different types; factors affecting performance; installation; inspection and maintenance; as well as guarantees for both the PV and the roof substrate. Also covers UK Government financial incentives; funding mechanisms and payback periods.

  • Colour in the built envrionment

    Seminar | Tata Steel

    CPD covers the scope of colour in the built environment; looking at the power that colour can have and the differences of preference by geographical regions – including considerations for planning requirements. The CPD highlights how a colour is formed and elements of their effects on space; also the science of how different colours perform in the built environment is also explored. Various colour classification systems are also discussed.