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Organisation Description

The AOC provide our clients, who tend to be young people and adults, with high quality, evidence-based expertise in the form of personal therapy and counselling, educational and creative workshops, courses, retreats and taster workshops. Based upon over thirty years experience in delivering arts based training courses The AOC provide first rate masterclasses, workshops and courses to schools, academies, colleges, community groups and to a wide range of interested organisations wishing to explore, develop or learn arts techniques and exercises.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Introduction to Attachment in Play & Drama

    Workshop | The AOC - The Arts of Change

    Attachment in Play & Drama or APD is an evidenced based; well researched new model to assist anyone who has attachment issues and finds it difficult to trust; relate; connect; empathise with others or have low or poor resilience in coping with set life set-backs; disappointments and trauma.

  • Introduction to Communicating through Play and Drama

    Online Course | The AOC - The Arts of Change

    This module aims to introduce the learner to a basic knowledge of the role of play and drama in developing communication among children. Attachment; Play and Drama (APD) emphasizes the importance of healthy attachments among children and their caregivers and the building of healthy emotional relationships between adults. APD uses current research to support its model. Throughout this course you will be able to read supporting evidence that shows how using attachment; play and drama based activities will provide you with knowledge and experiences that you can take into your family and/or work life.

  • Creating and Developing Play Activities

    Online Course | The AOC - The Arts of Change

    Shaping a Persons Playfulness will cover stages of development and play; principles of developmentally appropriate practice and developmental stages of play in children. Being a Master Player will cover the theoretical foundations of the physical environment for play; adapting play for individual learners and will offer support and advice to parents; caregivers and professionals on setting up a great physical environment for play.

  • Introduction to APD and Brain Play

    Online Course | The AOC - The Arts of Change

    APD and Brain Play will cover how play and drama provide opportunities for the brain to be playful in making attachments in relationships and making an individual to be a social and resilient human being. Playful Attachment; Playful Brain which will cover the importance of APD and developing play and drama as from birth to encourage human beings to thrive

  • APD - A Personal Play & Drama Journey©

    Online Course | The AOC - The Arts of Change

    This course seeks to offer insight into how play and drama can be infused into our daily lives and the immense benefits one can get through both play and drama. We will learn the importance of self-reflecting; self-analysing; and how to become more self-aware and objective about our own life journey using concepts and specific experiences that surround drama; performing; playing and being playful. The main themes of this course are play; drama; playfulness and its and how we journey this theme into adulthood.

  • Encouraging Uniqueness through Attachment; Play and Drama

    Online Course | The AOC - The Arts of Change

    “To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” Ralph Waldo Emerson. Through Attachment; Play and Drama; the above quote can truly be accomplished. Therefore; this course will provide you with the tools to both reflect on self and how you can be better resourced to provide a child; young person or adult with the capacity to be resilient enough to let the world see their true and unique self.