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I am a mother of two, wife, author, speaker and teacher.
I am an advocate for parents and caregivers, the voice of unsettled babies.
My true gifts lie in translating your baby’s symptoms and behaviours into understanding and action. This shows us where to take action and how to free them from reflux and colic, and manage any allergies and intolerances.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • The REFLUX Solution for Professionals

    Online Course | The Baby Reflux Lady Ltd

    The Baby Reflux Lady Ltd

    Reflux: colic and food allergies in infants all present with common symptoms. The pharmacological management of reflux is not proven to be effective yet parents want to do more. This course teaches you how to read all of a baby’s symptoms to correctly diagnose between colic: reflux: and food allergies and recommend specific non-pharmacological solutions that put parents in control in helping their baby. Reflux is a symptom of multiple things and by understanding the specific cause for each child we can better reassure parents and reduce impact on family life.

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