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Organisation Description

The British Gear Association (BGA) is a trade association that promotes the technical and commercial interests of manufacturers, distributors, academics and others involved in the Power Transmissions industry in the United Kingdom.

The Association speaks with authority on behalf of the industry both nationally and internationally and its ability to help companies and individuals involved in the industry is widely recognised by government, the media and industry. The Association is well-represented on British and International Standard committees and provides the Chairman of the British Standards Institution’s MCE/5 Committee on Gearing and the Chairman to ISO TC60 sub committee SC1.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Gear Foundation Day

    Seminar | The British Gear Association (BGA)

    This introductory seminar is suitable and appropriate for anyone joining the gear industry and includes an introduction to Gears Part 1: Gear Fundamentals Law of Gearing; The Involute Form; Power The Involute Form; Power Transmission; Motion Control; Gear Types – Features and Benefits. An Introduction to Gears Part 2: Noise & Load Modes of Failure; Gear Rating methods; Application Factors; Gear Lubrication; Noise & Vibration basics; Transmission Error. An Introduction to Gears Part 3: Gear Manufacture Gear Material Specification; Gear Manufacturing Methods; Heat Treatment and Gear Measurement.

  • Introduction to Gear Design & Geometry

    Seminar | The British Gear Association (BGA)

    Gear geometry is thought to be complex and considered a ‘black art’. This seminar will dispel this myth and provide a basic knowledge of spur and helical gear geometry and how gears work. At the end of the seminar you will understand how gears work; be competent with basic calculations relating to gear geometry; understand the basic terms and symbols and have a greater understanding of what is happening when you use gear software packages. Design; manufacture and inspection processes make more sense when you understand gear geometry.

  • Gear Stress Analysis ISO 6336 & Gear Optimisation

    Seminar | The British Gear Association (BGA)

    This seminar provides the opportunity to understand and explore the stress analysis procedures published in ISO 6336:2006 and discuss ideas and implications with other members of the industry. The latest standards are rather daunting to those who are new to them so the purpose of this seminar is to make it much easier to understand how it works. Applying the latest ISO 6336 stress analysis standard implements best practice will not guarantee a low noise or low risk gear set. This seminar introduces and applies strategies for maximizing gear performance; increasing power density and minimizing manufacturing costs and risk.

  • Gear Noise and Transmission Error Measurement

    Seminar | The British Gear Association (BGA)

    This seminar is aimed at both gear users and gear manufacturers and includes: Introduction; Gear Design for Low Noise; Noise Signals and Noise Measurement. After this seminar the student will be able to differentiate between actual gear noise problems and noise generated by other sources; identify the remedial action required to alleviate the problem and where to seek additional help if required.

  • Bearings & Condition Monitoring

    Seminar | The British Gear Association (BGA)

    This seminar will cover Bearings: Types and applications (ISO 15); Selection & life calculation; Wear & failure modes (ISO 15243). Condition Monitoring: Comparison and applicability of methods (Vibration; Acoustic Emission; Oil Debris Analysis); Remote CM techniques; Case histories including bearing and gearbox damage in wind turbines and other applications.

  • Gear Wear and Failure Recognition

    Seminar | The British Gear Association (BGA)

    This seminar will provide Delegates with an insight into the appearance and underlying causes of gear failure modes. It provides gear manufacturers and users with the necessary skills to examine; assess and recognise common gear failure modes.

  • Gear Measurement

    Training Course | The British Gear Association (BGA)

    This training-event is for engineers and manufacturers (aerospace and automotive) involved in measuring processes – in inspection or manufacturing or design/concession work – who make decisions about acceptance of gears to a standard. Day one – delegates will be able to: select appropriate measurement processes; understand the terms and symbols and parameters that are measured; interpret measurement results sheets to a standard; and apply good-practice in measurement strategies. Day two – delegates will be able to: identify causes of manufacturing errors; understand sources of measurement errors; apply simple procedures to improve measurement accuracy; and quantify measurement accuracy using ISO methods.

  • Wind Turbine Gearbox Technology

    Seminar | The British Gear Association (BGA)

    The benefits of attending this course include: Gaining increased confidence in diagnosing gearbox failure modes; interpreting condition monitoring data and appreciating potential problems with lubrication systems. You will achieve a fundamental understanding of how gears work and appreciate the importance of proper lubrication; manufacturing accuracy; gear and bearing alignment; material and heat treatment quality has on gearbox life. It will allow you to make more informed decisions regarding the operation; servicing; maintenance and purchase of wind turbine gearboxes and supporting services.