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Organisation Description

We provide expert advice and creative solutions to manage the public safety and environmental issues from coal and metal mining. Our teams work to resolve the impacts of mining by developing innovative solutions and technologies.

We provide advice and services to governments, public bodies, private organisations and landowners. We also regulate the coal industry in Britain and manage its long term mining legacies.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Mining information archive tour

    Seminar | The Coal Authority

    A guided tour of The Coal Authority’s mining heritage centre; showcasing the archive of abandoned mine plans dating from the 1800’s and beyond and the journey from this historic mining information to the Authority’s exclusive database of mining features. Our store also features the original surveyors’ handbooks which helped to inform the hand-drawn plans geological plans featuring coal seam information; archives of subsidence claims deeds; licenses to mine coal and coal mine tips.

  • Helping you interpret the hidden risks

    Webinar | The Coal Authority

    A webinar/training session outlining the mining risks allowing customers and clients to gain a full picture of the property/land they are purchasing. We use a real life case study to outline these risks which is based on a collapsed mine shaft in Glasgow. We then outline how the risks shown in the case study are shown in the CON29M; taking the time to talk through each of the additional added value pieces of information available; dependant on the risks called out.