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Organisation Description

The Culture Builders is a company founded with the core aim of building skills and increasing performance within managers and leaders. Our work bridges the gap between the needs of an organisation to fully engage its workforce and the capacity and skill of this group to do so

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Leading in a Changing Context

    Training Course | The Culture Builders

    This course gives participants the opportunity to reflect on the progress made following the previously accredited 24-hour Banking and Bank of Me modules which participants will have completed and create a new action plan.

  • Bank of Me Keynote

    Seminar | The Culture Builders

    A Keynote about how to manage oneself for peak performance at work

  • Bank of Me Experiential Programme

    Training Course | The Culture Builders

    Two day programme with follow up to enable individuals to be match fit in their businesses to be able to be the best they can be.

  • How to Have High Quality Conversations (also known as 'Having Right Conversations' in some contexts)

    Training Course | The Culture Builders

    This half day; highly interactive programme takes delegates through the value of having high quality conversations around performance feedback. Using examples from elite performance cultures; it provides delegates with a full understanding of how to prepare for such conversations and an understanding of what can go wrong as well as providing tips for ensuring a positive improvement culture is sustained in the organisation.

  • HR as a Change Agent

    Training Course | The Culture Builders

    The one-day programmes gives participants an in-depth understanding of the human elements within the change process – what drives people; how they react and the ways in which they can be better engaged to drive successful outcomes. It also gives individual attendees a clear steer on where they focus most of their time during change processes and why having a more flexible approach in some areas will benefit them and lead to better individual and team outcomes. The session concludes with practical action planning and group support commitments.

  • The Power of Effective Focus

    Training Course | The Culture Builders

    This half day; highly interactive programme helps delegates to understand the reasons behind and the impact of poor or inappropriate focus; on both individual and organisational performance. The programme will provide delegates with a suite of tools and techniques to enable them to identify and execute best practice to ensure optimal use of resources to deliver against agreed goals.