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The Maydays are one of the UK’s leading improvisation comedy troupes who also specialise in providing training and facilitation around the theme of improvisation in the workplace.

The approaches which make improvisation effective are based on techniques which have been shown to have a very tight correlation with what is required in the world of work.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Introduction to Improv

    Training Course | The Maydays

    The Maydays

    Improvisation is now widely recognised as one of the most powerful and immersive forms of training available. The Maydays have been running their Beginner’s course for over 12 years and have helped a huge and diverse range of people to develop their confidence; communication skills; flexibility; presentation skills and simply tools to get through our complex and stressful lives. Highly engaging; dangerously addictive and often hilarious; this 8 week course will take you as far as you want to go and provides a solid basis for continuing your Improv journey.

  • Essential Improv Skills for Business

    Workshop | The Maydays

    The Maydays

    This highly experiential workshop will take you through the core elements of Improvisation and relate them directly to the skills you need to get ahead in business. Communication; being present; working in a team and confident presenting are just some of the skills that Improvisation training can provide a fast-track to expertise.

  • Improvisation for teams in Business

    Workshop | The Maydays

    The Maydays

    We take members of a team and give them training and an experience in one. After watching a short performance your team gets direct and immersive improvisation training focussing on collaboration; confidence and communication. This culminates in a performance where you will be supported by professional improvisers. Whether you need to bond a new team quickly or shake up the dynamics of an under-performing team this experience will create long-lasting and meaningful interactions that will raise productivity and unity.

The Maydays
53 Hampstead Road
West Sussex

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