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Organisation Description

The Neuropsychoanalysis Association is an international network of non-profit organizations that support a dialogue between the neurosciences and psychoanalysis. Based in New York City, London, and Cape Town, we provide resources for clinicians, researchers, students, and the general public, including our journal, conferences, research grants, and educational programs.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • The 19th International Neuropsychoanalysis Congress

    Event | The Neuropsychoanalysis Centre

    The Neuropsychoanalysis Centre

    Points covered will include the relationship of repression with memory; effects of therapy; can repression and defence be psychologically measured and which occur only in the clinical situation? what are the conscious and unconscious contributory factors in repression and defence? where in development does repression start? is repression different from conscious suppression? repressed desires; conflicts; trauma are central sources for the dynamic unconscious does repression relate to other defence mechanisms; and more.

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