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Organisation Description

They work strategically with global companies on diversity and inclusion through training and workshops, with brands on partnerships and campaigns, and they support a community of nearly 3,000 creatives. They’ve also recently expanded into the fashion and tech industries

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Diversity Dictionary

    Training Course | The Other Box Ltd

    The Other Box Ltd

    Participants will learn the link between language and workplace culture; why language is important when thinking about diversity and inclusion; and they will learn 12 key words that relate to the diversity; inclusion and culture landscape. This is a course to get a team or company speaking a common language when it comes to diversity and inclusion so that everyone can take ownership of the inclusion conversation; and collectively the company can begin to create meaningful change.

  • Trusted Ten

    Training Course | The Other Box Ltd

    The Other Box Ltd

    Participants will learn what happens in the brain and body when bias occurs; the ways in which trust is closely linked to bias; define a number of biases that consistently show up in the workplace’ and come away with practical ways to counteract bias in order to create an inclusive working environment. There are interactive exercises and opportunities for participants to reflect on their own lives and realities; in order to understand the ways in which bias can be at once personal and universal.

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