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The Specialist Academy is a leading provider of online learning and has become known for its unique approach. Not only do we provide a range of courses across a number of different professions, but we do so in a unique manner that makes our student experience truly unique.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Diet Specialist Nutrition Course

    Online Course | The Specialist Academy

    This is a detailed 30 module course that covers all aspects of nutrition from understanding the different food groups, healthy eating and obesity, influencing behavioural change and dietetics and disease. It also covers key skills required to work as a nutrition adviser.

  • Diet & Metabolism Specialist Course

    Online Course | The Specialist Academy

    This is an 18 module course covering the details of how our metabolism affects our health and diet, how it can be manipulated to increase our weight loss and how we can use this knowledge to set up a successful metabolic rate diet clinic that is marketed effectively.

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