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You’d like to use data-science or blockchain, but don’t know where to start? You feel confused by terms such as AI, distributed ledger technologies, and machine learning? You’d like to hire data scientists or build a data-driven organisation, but you feel lost? You don’t need to spend lots of money in meaningless conferences, or expensive consultants. The Tesseract Academy helps non-technical decision makers, like you, acquire the knowledge and the plan to make a difference through technology.

The Tesseract Academy provides executive training in data science, AI and blockchain. Whether you are a startup founder, a CEO of a corporation or a manager, our workshops will help you understand technology in the same way that experts do, and take action to transform your organisation.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Data science

    Training Course | The Tesseract Academy

    The Tesseract Academy

    Are you thinking to implement data science or AI in your organisation but you are not sure where to start? Have you approached solution providers; and found them too expensive; or with unclear value propositions? This workshop is designed for you. It teaches non-technical decision makers everything they need to know about how data science can be applied within organisations. The topic covers various case studies and looks into topics like hiring and managing data scientists and building a data-driven culture. Participants are encouraged to bring their own challenges to discuss.

  • The Decision Maker’s Handbook to data science

    Literature | The Tesseract Academy

    The Tesseract Academy

    This is to help you understand how data science can be used within an organisation; some of the intricacies in managing data to succeed in business objectives; the different methods used in data science (on a very basic level) like the different types of machine learning; how to hire and manage data scientists; the role that culture plays in building a data science function.

The Tesseract Academy
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