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Organisation Description

We offer a range of training to school staff and pride ourselves on providing practical ideas and a positive approach. Our trainers all have an extensive background in education and have been selected for their engaging training styles.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Successful Wet Playtimes

    Workshop | Train With Inspire

    Wet playtimes can be a challenge for midday supervisors. This course addresses the potential issues faced and provides strategies to improve the experience for all concerned.

  • Positive Playtimes

    Workshop | Train With Inspire

    Play is an important feature of lunchtimes. This course explores the importance of play and the different kinds of play children may engage in.

  • Positive Lunchtime Charter Workshop

    Workshop | Train With Inspire

    A workshop aimed at encouraging self-reflection about lunchtime practice and how to improve the experience in a positive manner.

  • The Midday Supervisor?s Role

    Workshop | Train With Inspire

    This course offers midday supervisor's the opportunity to explore their role in depth. Attendees are encouraged to discuss the importance of lunchtime for children and the demands that lunchtime make on some pupils. The core qualities of a midday supervisor are explored and tips for developing these qualities offered. There is a focus on confidentiality; having a positive approach and safety issues.

  • Positive Behaviour at Lunchtimes

    Workshop | Train With Inspire

    This course encourages midday supervisors to explore positive behaviour management strategies to use.

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