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John graduated 1984 from Warwick University with B.A. (Hons) in Psychology and spent the following 15 years, working in various managerial roles within British industry, before a growing passion for personal and professional development training led him to found the Worklife Balance Company Ltd., the management training consultancy, in 2000.
Significant work within the NHS encouraged him to found Training Courses for Doctors, a medical training consultancy, in 2008. Both companies are still active today. Further one-to-one work with doctors has led to the creation of ‘Medimentoring’ and with the advancement of technology and the convenience of Skype, John can now deliver certified training courses directly to your location, wherever you may be. This also makes the courses available to doctors globally as well as those who are UK based.
Online face-to-face sessions are complemented by downloadable audio programmes and hypnosis sessions addressing common areas of challenge for doctors worldwide including Interview skills, Exam preparation and technique, Time management and personal organisation, Stress and anxiety management, Presentation skills and Interpersonal communication skills.

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Training Courses for Doctors
65 Serpentine Road, Kendal

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