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Organisation Description

Established in 1999, Training Courses for Doctors is a supplier of continuing professional development training for clinicians and healthcare professionals. Over the last 20 years we have worked with NHS Deaneries across the UK to deliver a wide range of non-clinical career development training for all grades of doctors, nurses, dentists, GPs, medical students and NHS managers. Our portfolio of courses includes leadership and management, interpersonal communication, training the trainers, professionalism in medicine, reflective practice and work-life balance, resilience and wellbeing training.

John Gilbert, Principal Consultant is a Graduate Psychologist and spent 15 years in various roles within British industry before co-founding a management training company and Training Courses for Doctors. In addition to facilitating CPD courses John also works with individual doctors who face significant personal and professional challenges leading to underperformance . This one to one coaching and mentoring service has achieved successful ARCP and examination outcomes and positive feedback from trainees participating in this innovative programme. John is also a Clinical Hypnotherapist registered with the National Council for Hypnotherapy and uses hypnosis on a daily basis to help clients achieve desired outcomes.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Avoiding Stress and Burnout with Resilience; Mindfulness and Self-Hypnosis

    Training Course | Training Courses for Doctors

    Training Courses for Doctors

    Stress can occur at any point in your career from training posts to consultant level. The focus of this unique; interactive course is on practical steps to take to look after yourself. By means of short lectures; exercises and discussion you will learn how to recognise symptoms of stress and burnout; its causes and effects; strategies to develop your resilience and address common factors undermining it; the need for mindfulness including ‘Following the breath’ exercise; process of self-hypnosis; including a guided; practical session. Bookings welcomed for this one-day course from all professionals wishing to reduce their stress levels.

  • CV Interview Skills - Presenting Yourself Effectively

    Training Course | Training Courses for Doctors

    Training Courses for Doctors

    Medical Career Interviews can be difficult and the competition for places is keen. This practical course highlights the steps to take to prepare for your interview and explains how to present yourself to maximum effect on the day. During the course you will cover – effective preparation; key aspects of the interview including techniques for answering questions and coping with nerves; importance of non-verbal communication and behaviours to project a confident and assertive image ; techniques to use to deliver the best possible presentation. From training posts to consultant grade; learn the complete interview skillset to give yourself the edge.

  • Training the Trainers: Teaching; Coaching; Mentoring and Presentation Skills

    Training Course | Training Courses for Doctors

    Training Courses for Doctors

    An essential part of a clinician’s role is to pass on their knowledge ;skills and support the professional development of trainees. This course introduces adult learning theories ; focuses on relating these to real life situations and offers practical tools to use as a trainer and supervisor. This one-day course covers different teaching strategies – how and when to apply them; running a formal teaching session; mentoring – using a structured interview to give constructive feedback and leading trainees to their own solutions; key elements of preparing an effective presentation and finally what to do when you get up and speak.

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