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High-impact Data Visualisation techniques, taught by Cole Nussbaumer – Google’s own teacher.
You have the data, now use it to drive the action you need to happen. Find out how to build beautiful, uncluttered and impactful visualisations that convey your message well. Cole teaches concepts from psychology and proven techniques from a long career in business (including HR). Death to 3D pie charts!

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Storytelling with Data – Masterclass with Cole Nussbaumer

    Workshop | Tucana Global SL

    Tucana Global SL

    Give your data major impact; without technical knowledge or advanced tools. The world’s leading Data Storytelling teacher comes to Europe in June – the only workshops remaining for 2019.Learn to present data in a way that has major impact on the audience. Cole Nussbaumer teaches how to identify the message; choose the right visual; remove clutter; focus attention; and tell a powerful story.

Tucana Global SL
Calle Velazquez 27 1 Ext Izda

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