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Organisation Description

Tungsram, as a lighting business for now, is present in 22 countries with 23 subsidiaries and exports 98% of its production. The company leverages sales into more than 100 global markets. Its supply chain is centered around its five factories in Hungary with its 4000+ employees and a network of 1600 suppliers and partners.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • IoT, Sensors and the Digital Ceiling

    Seminar | Tungsram UK

    Tungsram UK

    How today’s sensors interact with lighting and controls to provide data capture and control. Measure and govern light levels, humidity, temperature, people, assets. Track and trace, count and gauge your full environment, including Covid-19 tracking.

  • Smart Cities

    Seminar | Tungsram UK

    Tungsram UK

    Using Street lighting to gather data for a safer environment as well as giving the user full control over its functionality as well as receiving real-time feedback on performance and its surroundings.

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