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Organisation Description

Type&Test provide great typing courseware that teaches children and adults how to touch type online, at home, at school, in college or in the workplace. We are arguably the UK’s leading specialists in online touch-typing training. We have supplied our award-winning ‘Typequick’ courseware and typing assessment software to hundreds of schools, colleges, universities, employers and individuals across the country. We are also the only touch-typing training company in the UK that can offer you an accredited touch-typing qualification, awarded by Open Awards.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Typequick Professional

    Online Course | Type&Test


    ‘Typequick Professional’ is an online course that teaches adults to touch-type. By learning to touch-type you will be able to type quickly and accurately; increasing your productivity at work and improving the quality and professionalism of your business communications. The course contains around 40 hours of interactive content and includes a pre and post course assessment in order to measure your improvement. The course is used on a self-study basis; but there is the option for remote support from a tutor who will monitor your progress and communicate regularly via email and when necessary; online discussion