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Typeset specialises in copywriting, proofreading, reporting, content marketing, and anything related to the written word. We can write whatever content you need from scratch, or take what you’ve written and polish it until it shines! We can even create your entire content marketing strategy and manage your content program.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Masterclass: Writing Workshop

    Workshop | Typeset


    We can all be better writers. In today’s highly competitive business environment; improving your writing skills could be just the edge you need. Modern readers demand you write engaging copy; they won’t stick around your website or finish your newsletter otherwise. If you’re writing long-form content like reports; white papers and case studies; it’s even more important to keep your readers engaged. You need to tell the right stories; and you need to tell them with skill and confidence. Typeset’s Writing Workshop is for people who write every day but want to become more effective in all their written communications.

  • Injecting empathy into your Customer Communications

    Seminar | Typeset


    The 2-hour seminar is designed to help people working in customer complaints or customer service teams to effectively communicate the outcomes of complaints lodged with an organisation. It’s especially suited to people who have to deliver bad news to customers. The seminar includes how to be appropriately empathetic in your communications; what words and phrases to avoid; and how to construct your letters so essential information is easily absorbed. The end result is customer service teams gain confidence in how to communicate in writing with angry or upset people while still maintaining a good customer relationship with them.

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