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Organisation Description

Our name starts with a U. We believe education is personal. Education should not be about names or buildings, but about the opportunity it gives us to grow. We built this platform to bring education into the digital era. We want people to change the way they learn, the way they exchange knowledge, seek opportunities, and collaborate together. This is the world’s learning network.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Digital Marketing Pathway

    Online Course | uLeague


    You’ve seen and shared the work of digital marketers; from viral videos to personalized web content. This Digital Marketing pathway will help you take the next step towards joining their ranks. When improving your digital skills; you will get a foundation in marketing. You’ll channel your imagination and learn how to create content that attracts an audience; expresses a message and recognizes how digital data can be used to generate results for organizations. This pathway will set you in for an exciting marketing team career. You will be ready to work on the web; media; or service across multiple industries; including retail; finance; and tourism.

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