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Organisation Description

The Centre for International Development and Training (CIDT) is unique in having the corporate backing and research support of an institution of higher learning, while functioning as a social enterprise deeply involved in the practice of international development. The team at CIDT are highly experienced development practitioners. Alongside their technical specialisms in Forestry, Education, Social Development, Economics and more, they hold teaching qualifications and have academic experience.

CIDT operates as a social enterprise within the university. We use our academic experience to identify and deliver appropriate training and research, whilst engaging practically with partners and clients on the real issues that confront them on the ground.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Project Cycle Management Training

    Training Course | University of Wolverhampton - CIDT

    University of Wolverhampton - CIDT

    CIDT will deliver a series of specialised modules detailing the different areas of Project Cycle Management. These will include tools; skills; appraisal; planning; implementation; monitoring and evaluation; risk management; technical assistance; procurement and train the trainer. The sessions will be delivered in a participatory and experiential way for participants; involving presentations; group work and team building exercises. All participants will develop their own personal action plans in relation to how the learning can be taken forward and implemented in their current positions.

  • RBM and the Logical Framework Approach

    Online Course | University of Wolverhampton - CIDT

    University of Wolverhampton - CIDT

    This online course provides basic training on a range of ‘thinking tools’ which facilitate results-based management (RBM) of projects and programmes in international development.

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