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Organisation Description

Wilkinson Coutts Engineering Training Ltd was founded to meet the needs of the Plant Inspection and Static Pressure Equipment industry. All our lecturers are practising Integrity and Inspection Engineers, and they fully understand the need for robust technical training for those involved in the inspection and management of static pressure equipment.


With extensive lecturing experience in pressure equipment inspection and management, our team understand the need to deliver this training on a personal level. We like to think of our website as a ‘helpsite’ where we would be happy to answer any technical queries with no obligation.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • ASME PCC2 Pressure Equipment Repair Appreciation

    Training Course | Wilkinson Coutts Engineering Training

    Provide an overview and appreciation on the content and application of the ASME PCC 2 document covering repair types and methodologies. The course is aimed at inspection; integrity and maintenance engineers involved in the recommendation; selection and design of repairs contained in ASME PPC 2. The most common type of repairs are covered; with the opportunity to apply design methods for certain repairs; such as Fillet Welded Patches. Each repair method is covered including the application; design; fabrication; inspection and testing requirements of each.