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Organisation Description

Wilo UK is able to provide national on site cover for repair work and emergency call outs. Our friendly and helpful office team are available to support you with over the phone technical advice scheduling visits maintenance quotes and client liaison.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • A Guide To Rainwater Harvesting Systems

    Seminar | Wilo UK

    Wilo UK

    Seminar explains the meaning of rainwater harvesting, environmental considerations, options available, hygiene and usage, design issues and relevant regulations and standards. Includes case studies.

  • Surge Protection - Designing Out Hydraulic Shock

    Seminar | Wilo UK

    Wilo UK

    Seminar discusses the meaning of hydraulic shock, how it is caused, and the consequences of hydraulic shock and how to design out and prevent it. Includes case studies.

  • The Benefits Of High Efficiency Pumping

    Seminar | Wilo UK

    Wilo UK

    Seminar covers such issues as environmental considerations, energy costs, achieving class ?a? classification, hydraulic and motor efficiency, capital cost returns and pump specifying guidance. Includes case studies.

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