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Organisation Description

We have extensive experience of working with public, private and voluntary sector organisations. In particular Wiz specialises in Local Government and Public Sector Training. Formed over twenty one years ago Wiz have developed into one of the most prolific, experienced and respected learning and development organisations specialising in providing services for Public Sector organisations but with experience in many other private and voluntary sector organisations.

In addition we can provide facilitation and team development, transformational coaching for Directors, Chief Executives and front line staff and consultancy services notably in areas such as performance management and customer service.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Understanding Practical Project Management - Training Workshop

    Workshop | Wiz Training and Development

    Wiz Training and Development

    This one day workshop provides a foundation of understanding and the key elements and techniques involved in Project Management. The approach is based on a practical approach which can be scaled and applied to any project regardless of size which is therefore more practical and useable for participants. Activities during the session allow the application of the learning to real situations and a major case study ensures that a thorough understanding has been achieved. Although example documentation is shared the programme is also adapted to align with in house processes used by client organisations

  • Management Fundamentals - Training Programme

    Workshop | Wiz Training and Development

    Wiz Training and Development

    A Management Training Programme consisting of 3 one day modules and a range of supporting activities and assessments. This programme has been designed for a specific Public Sector client to meet their need for an entry level management training programme which provides the springboard into further development activity.

  • Trainer Development Workshop

    Training Course | Wiz Training and Development

    Wiz Training and Development

    The workshop is designed to equip those taking part to design and deliver specific training sessions relating to their professional area. The overall aim is to develop the capacity of the organisation to develop its staff to achieve pre-determined outcomes.

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