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WBS Training Ltd organizes workshops and conferences for the capital markets and treasury divisions of investment companies worldwide with all our efforts centered solely on the education of our clients.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Python For Finance With Yves J Hilpisch : The Python Quants

    Online Course | World Business Strategies Ltd

    Python has established itself as a real contender in the quant finance world to implement efficient analytics workflows and performant applications. Although being an interpreted language, quantative analysts and developers can draw on the powerful (scientific) ecosystem that has grown around python. This comprises libraries such as numpy that allows array management and operations both in a highly vectorised fashion and at the speed of c code. Using the panda library makes the management and analysis of financial time series both convenient and efficient. In such a context, data visualization is also easily accomplished with python. The workshop also illustrates how to achieve hardware-bound; input-output operations with python/numpy and libraries such as pytables

  • R In Finance By Joris Meys

    Online Course | World Business Strategies Ltd

    This workshop introduces the statistical programming language R. The workshop focuses on the aspects of the R language useful for financial analyses, with emphasis on techniques for automation and visualisation.

  • Mathematica / Unrisk Distance Learning Module With Michael Aichinger

    Online Course | World Business Strategies Ltd

    In each lecture the presented examples are out of the quant finance field. For example in the lecture dynamic interactivity and mma the audience will be guided to develop a viewer for different copula functions with different marginal distributions.

  • Advanced C++ Design And Implementation In Quantitative Finance By Nick Webber

    Online Course | World Business Strategies Ltd

    The aim of the programme is to teach delegates the principles and concepts of oop c++, enabling them to understand the fundamentals of application design in oop c++, particularly for financial applications.

  • F# And Functional Programming In Finance

    Training Course | World Business Strategies Ltd

    This course is a practical introduction to the f# language, functional programming and their use in the financial domain. You will learn about f#, fundamental functional concepts as well as libraries for numeric computing, data analysis. You will also become familiar with best practices for using f# tools and integrating f# with larger systems.

  • The BTRM: Certificate Of Bank Treasury Risk Management

    Training Course | World Business Strategies Ltd

    This course is a structured study that will enable students to develop an advanced level of understanding of the core process of banking, that of asset-liability management (alm), capital and liquidity risk management. Students will be able to apply market standard techniques to measure alm risks and formulate strategies for management of these risks at any bank.

  • Matlab - An Introduction For Financial Applications

    Training Course | World Business Strategies Ltd

    The course gives an overview of the matlab system with a view towards financial engineering. As a beginners course we start by giving an introduction to the basic functionality like plotting, handling of matrices, using m-files and running scripts. All examples are based on financial problems. Thus, we aim to implement the black-scholes pricing formula, calculate Greeks. Furthermore, we consider writing programs. To this end we develop basic programming skills and show how to transform algorithms to working matlab code and how to arrange the code. We wish to use the binomial model as an example. Finally, we cover useful functionality for everyday life such as interpolation, integration or special functions.

  • Creating PDE/FDM Software Frameworks and Applications in C++11 by Daniel Duffy

    Online Course | World Business Strategies Ltd

    The goal of this hands-on course is to introduce the new language features in C++11 and apply them to the design and implementation of frameworks to approximate the solution of partial differential equations (PDE) using the finite difference method (FDM).

  • Fundamental Review of the Trading Book by Christian Schmaltz

    Online Course | World Business Strategies Ltd

    Understand the mechanics and implementation challenges of the new regulatory framework for market risk (Fundamental Review of the Trading Book). The course links conceptual requirements to implementation consequences. There are no academic prerequisites for this course. It would be however helpful; if participants have some knowledge on today’s market risk regulation. Furthermore; participants should know the concept of Value-at-Risk and its current application for risk measurement.

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