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Organisation Description

Provide a spectrum of high quality dental & educational services. The company is based at Nicosia – Cyprus with main courses involving Dental Business Administration (DBA course) & Laser Safety Officer (LSO Course). Lecturer Dr. Anna-Maria Yiannikos.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Dental Business Administration Mastership Course

    Training Course | Yiannikos Dental

    Yiannikos Dental

    DBA is the first European Dental Business Administration Mastership course exclusively designed from dentists for dentists in order to reinforce them with the knowledge to efficiently manage and coordinate their dental clinics. It gives its participants the power; knowledge strategy and skills in order to be able to efficiently manage; promote; coordinate; administrate their dental clinic; staff and patients as well as pursue an administrational or managerial carrier in the dental field.

  • LSO - Laser Safety Officer

    Seminar | Yiannikos Dental

    Yiannikos Dental

    This seminar prepares you for safely using lasers by giving you an in-depth understanding of laser physics and laser-tissue interaction. The seminar offers an explanation of statutory regulations and demonstrates their implementation in practice and describes laser application fields.