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Organisation Description

Young Solutions Worcestershire – formerly Worcestershire Council for Voluntary Youth Services (WCVYS) – is a progressive infrastructure charity, dedicated to keeping young people throughout our county ‘safe and involved’ by providing advice and training, and supporting the work of our members, voluntary youth clubs, community groups and all organisations with the well-being of children and young people at their core.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • The Basics of Good Youth Work

    Online Course | Young Solutions Worcestershire

    This 2 hour course will explore what Youth Work is and the difference between it and other professions / vocations. It will give you an understanding of the unique relationship between a young person and youth worker. It will help you to become familiar with the different types of youth work; understand how you can encourage participation and empowerment and discuss ways to continue developing your practice

  • Child Sexual Exploitation Awareness Raising Seminar

    Seminar | Young Solutions Worcestershire

    This seminar will help you to understand what CSE is. You will be able to identify and recognise the signs it may be happening; understand your responsibilities and why it is important to share information about children and young people who are at risk. It will get you to think about what you can do to help protect children and young people from child sexual exploitation and give you an understanding of how to respond; record and report.

  • Dealing With Challenging Behaviour

    Online Course | Young Solutions Worcestershire

    The course will start with an introduction to dealing with challenging behaviour and explores why a young person may present challenging behaviour; sharing knowledge; practice and experience with other volunteers and professionals. The course then goes into more depth examining the tactics; methods and approaches to support young people to reduce challenging behaviour. It offers short and long term strategies to help a worker manage situations safely; reducing stress and anxiety for all involved

  • Planning Safe Trips and Residential Activities

    Online Course | Young Solutions Worcestershire

    Taking young people off site can cause anxiety; what if something went wrong? This course is designed to help you plan trips safely ensuring you have everything in place to run successful off site visits. It covers topics such as parental consent; what to look for from activity providers and risk assessment

  • The Basics of Drug and Alcohol Awareness

    Online Course | Young Solutions Worcestershire

    This course will explore why people use drugs; what the most commonly misused drugs are and how to recognise them; including their street names and legal status; some of the effects of misusing drugs and ideas for activities to use with young people as well as signposting to relevant services

  • The Basics of Safeguarding Adolescents

    Online Course | Young Solutions Worcestershire

    This 2 hour course is a progression from our safeguarding course it explores the issues young people face and helps you to identify when these issues start to raise concerns. It will add to your experience and knowledge and allow you to work through different scenarios to increase confidence in identifying the kind of risk-taking behaviours that require intervention by professionals. It will allow you to reflect on issues to record and report; when and who to; including discussion of your organisations safeguarding procedures. You will explore appropriate ways of providing support for a young person including issues around consent and confidentiality and will consider the importance of the inclusion of young people in the safeguarding process.

  • The Basics of Young Peoples Mental Health

    Online Course | Young Solutions Worcestershire

    This course will commence with a brief Introduction to Young People’s Mental Health which will allow you to share practice; knowledge and experience with volunteers and professionals. The course will explore Young People’s Mental Health and the risk factors they may demonstrate; it will cover issues around self-harm and set the local context; giving practical advice on referring young people to services and sign posting

Young Solutions Worcestershire
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