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CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Crisis Communication Planning

    Training Course | YUDU


    Have you been tasked to put together or update your organisation’s crisis communication plan? Not sure what’s required to make the plan effective? During the first part of this three-hour crisis communication workshop; delegates will work with the course leader to understand what comprises the essential ingredients required in a crisis communication plan and how these can be tailored to fit a specific organisation; The second part features a desktop exercise; involving a terror attack; where participants are encouraged to leverage their newly acquired knowledge; particularly when it comes to communicating with both staff and the media.

  • Crisis Simulation Exercise: Cyber Attack

    Training Course | YUDU


    During this three-hour crisis simulation exercise participants are initially coached on crisis management best practise; Thereafter the delegates are divided into teams and take part in a crisis simulation which is set to leverage and improve their crisis skills. In this scenario all participants work at a fictional bank which suffers first a cyber- attack and then a data breach; Initially the bank’s computers are frozen; and an online ransom is issued by the hackers; During the second part of the scenario it emerges cyber criminals have stolen confidential client documents and are threatening to sell this information online.

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