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Organisation Description

Zeyad Yousif is a Professional Mechatronics Engineer (PhD Candidate) with ten years of experience both in academia and industry, in Robotics, Mobile Robots, PLC, SCADA Systems, and Sensors and Instrumentations.

In addition to his engineering experience, Zeyad is an expert trainer of Leadership, Project Management and Control, and Sustainable Development. Zeyad has a certificate in Leadership from the University of Cambridge, a certificate in leadership and management from the Institute of Leadership and Management ILM, a certificate in Project Management and Control from the Chartered Management Institute CMI, and a certificate in Sustainable Development from the University of Queensland (UQ).

Zeyad is also a Certified Member of the Continuous Professional Development UK (CPD UK) (Certificate no. 10549) that provides recognised independent CPD accreditation compatible with global CPD principles.

Zeyad has planned, developed and implemented the Integrated Building Capacity Program IBCP that has been successfully delivered to trainees at Newcastle University, Northumbria University, Liverpool University, Liverpool John Moores University, Sheffield University, Sheffield Hallam University, Queen’s University Belfast, University of Essex, and the University of Cardiff. The IBCP program is a series of four independent training courses that are accredited by the CPDUK:

1. Effective Tools and Strategies for Time Management, Tasks Management and Notes Management.
2. Effective Tools and Strategies for Enterprises and Projects Management.
3. Effective Tools and Strategies for Business Planning and Entrepreneurship.
4. Leadership in Management: Planning and Leading with Impact.

In addition, Zeyad is providing the Train of Trainers (TOT) courses that help trainers at all levels to plan, develop, and deliver professional training courses to their trainees.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Effective Tools and Strategies for Time Management; Tasks Management & Notes Management

    Training Course | Zeyad Yousif

    This training course aims at equipping delegates with effective tools and strategies to manage their time and tasks; and provide them with the skills to take effective notes and observations in work place.

  • Effective Tools and Strategies for Enterprises and Projects Management

    Training Course | Zeyad Yousif

    Delegates will be trained intensively on the new skills and techniques of managing projects and international enterprises besides training them on using softwares that are designed for project management; risk management; and opportunities management within a particular project or organization. This course is divided into two key parts: theoretical and practical in which delegates apply all the practical skills and techniques under the supervision of the trainer so as to substantially train them all the techniques aiding them to manage projects and professional organizations by using up-to-date skills and techniques.

  • Effective Tools and Strategies for Business Planning and Entrepreneurship

    Training Course | Zeyad Yousif

    In this course delegates will be trained on how to start planning and executing their thoughts and projects and how to increase their chances of success in the private sector by providing them with new practical planning techniques and internationally trusted entrepreneurship skills.

  • Leadership in Management: Leading with Impact

    Training Course | Zeyad Yousif

    This course consists of the basics of preparing leaders as well as the effective tools to lead organizations. The course incorporates theoretical parts including a comprehensive description of professional leadership on the personal and organizational level. In addition; the course consists of practical parts to train delegates under the supervision of the trainer on strategies of personal and organizational evaluations; advanced leadership strategies and strategic planning.

  • Training of Trainers TOT

    Training Course | Zeyad Yousif

    The demand for qualified trainers covering various areas of Training is widespread in today’s market. Being an effective trainer is an acquired skill that the marketplace demands. The Training Of Trainers Course will help you expose your natural potential as a Trainer while giving you the basic; yet essential; skills needed to train and develop others effectively. In this program; you will learn how to become a Professional Trainer; identify training needs; build effective training materials and how to understand and assess your audience. Training Of Trainers Course will get you on your way to working as a professionally trained freelance or corporate trainer.