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Magnetic Mallet Course Day

28 Mar 2020

About the event

The Magnetic Mallet is a truly revolutionary instrument for implant surgery and represents a turning point in maxillary sinus elevation. extractions and different protocols of vertical/horizontal bone compaction or expansion. The device makes use of electromagnetic impact. which. differently from a manual hammer. generates a high-intensity but brief impact force such as to obtain plastic deformation just of the target bone. No force is spread throughout the skull preventing the onset of paroxysmal vertigo and reducing the overall invasiveness. Its advantages have been documented in several studies and by a number of clinicians across the world.

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Sweden & Martina Ltd

Sweden & Martina Ltd

Sweden & Martina Ltd

Our group, established in 1972, is currently an international leader in the design, production and distribution of products for the dental sector, especially implantology, an area in which it has achieved the world's highest growth rate. We also organize our own intense teaching activities: these consist of an extraordinary theoretical/hands-on dentistry training and updating program, with a course calendar which is one of a kind in Italy and involves around 90 speakers and 500 training days organized yearly in Italy, and also a fast-growing number abroad.