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Practical Course of Implant Surgery on patients

21 Mar 2020

About the event

The training has so far been focused on the theory; the strengthening of discipline and scientific practice in the body. The growing demand for practical training in patient led us to seek an international partnership in order to offer the students a clinical study on Implant surgery techniques. The excellence in all surgeries is the result of rigorous surgical technique because in this way the surgery will run smoothly; fast and safe. That’s why; appropriately; the course will be preceded by a review of surgical technique concepts and then addressed the treatment of patients; to be held in the following days. Each patient will be target of diagnostic; thorough planning and discussion of surgical approach in order to face the surgery with precise technical choices and safety. Participants will perform various implant surgery interventions in proper selected patients assigned to each participant by virtue of their experience and their expectations. Each intervention will be performed under the supervision of a tutor who will ensure the learning of the operator and patient safety. Participants work in pairs; and alternatively one of the two will perform the surgery; and the other will act as an assistant.

CPD Provider

Sweden & Martina Ltd

Sweden & Martina Ltd

Sweden & Martina Ltd

Our group, established in 1972, is currently an international leader in the design, production and distribution of products for the dental sector, especially implantology, an area in which it has achieved the world's highest growth rate. We also organize our own intense teaching activities: these consist of an extraordinary theoretical/hands-on dentistry training and updating program, with a course calendar which is one of a kind in Italy and involves around 90 speakers and 500 training days organized yearly in Italy, and also a fast-growing number abroad.