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Schwartz Community Event

02 Apr 2020

About the event

Developed by the Schwartz Center in Boston; Schwartz Rounds have been implemented in more than 300 sites in the USA and over 200 in the UK and Ireland. Schwartz Rounds are a structured confidential multidisciplinary forum designed for all staff to come together once a month to discuss and reflect on the emotional and social aspects of caring for patients (not to solve problems). Schwartz Rounds can help staff feel more supported in their jobs; to give them the time and space to reflect on their roles which they might not otherwise have in their everyday routines on busy hospital wards. At each Schwartz Round a panel of three staff describe an experience relating to care or interactions with patients. Following this; two trained facilitators open the discussion to the audience and encourage the staff to reflect on the emotional experience of delivering care. The facilitators have been trained to deliver the Schwartz Rounds according to a specific model; which is structured and evidenced-based. This year we will be hosting four Schwartz Rounds events to provide an opportunity for all members of the Schwartz Community to come together and share and reflect on their experiences of running Schwartz Rounds; as well as the chance to think about the future of Rounds.

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The Point of Care Foundation

The Point of Care Foundation

The Point of Care Foundation

The Foundation is an independent charity working to improve patients experience of care and increase support for the staff who work with them.

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